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Tips for successfully running a tournament  
  Keep your boards full. Have a couple of people who are in charge of letting the tournament runners know when a board is open.  
  Have your first round planned out before people arrive to play.  
  If you have a large tournament (over 64 teams), split the tournament into two smaller tournaments run at separate locations (eg. if you get 256 teams, split it into two 128 team tournaments, call it east and west or something like that, then when there are less teams the brackets can come back together).  
  Only let teams in the east division play on the "east" boards (until the end of course), same with the west division - less confusion for the players.  
  Have 1 board for every 4 teams - decreases the wait between playing. This is our rule of thumb for smaller tournaments, you can easily use less boards for a tournament with many teams. 1 board for every 4 teams results in a 3-4 hour tournament.
  Get your tournament listed on our tournament page.  
  Have plenty of people to help!  
  Extra money making tips  
  Have a split the pot  
  Sell beer, food  
  If you run tournaments and would like to contribute to this page please fill out the form below:  
  Tip or comment to help tournament runners


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