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We are more than happy to post tournaments on our tournament page. Please fill out the form below and submit it. We usually update our tournament page, once or twice a week. All we ask in return is that you use the rules posted here. This is a print friendly version, so you can print them out and pass them out to everybody at your tournament. If you need help running the tournament or would like to rent boards, we have the ability to do that also. After you fill out the form contact us at info@cornholegame.org and we can give you all the information.

Please do not use all CAPS to give your tournament more visibility. READING LISTINGS IN ALL CAPS IS VERY ANNOYING. ANY SUBMISSION SENT USING ALL CAPS WILL NOT BE LISTED. Thank you!

Use this form for one time tournaments, for example... if you have a one time tournament on Tuesday Nov 16, 2021.
To enter a a weekly or recurring tournament go here.

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