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Cornhole Game Association - The official bean bag game association

If you are interested in being a local contact in your area please fill out this form. Your "job" would be to let people know where they can play in your area, spread the word about cornhole in your area and if you have enough interest you could start running tournaments. Eventually we would like to have local contacts all over the country, which could lead to national tournaments!

If you are looking for people to play in your local area, contact these people to find out where they are playing. Please be courteous in your emails and realize that they may take a while to respond to your requests. Enjoy!

Local Contacts in PA

Name Area State Email
Bob Alig Pennsylvania area (Philly to Harrisburg) PA userAlig@aol.com
Vince Ketter Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas PA VMKKetter@aol.com




Cornhole Game Association - The Official Bean Bag Game Association
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