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Intro to some fun games to play, they are great toy games

The game is called many things; Some call it corn toss, similar versions are called bean bag game, and bean bag toss, and most people in Cincinnati, including us, call it Cornhole. Whatever you call it, people all over the country agree that they are fun games to play.  Its sweeping across the nation and hopefully you'll see it in your neighborhood soon!

If you like horseshoes, you’ll love Cornhole. Cornhole is played with two teams, of two people, who toss bean bags at slanted ramps with a hole. You get one point for a bag that lands on the ramp and three points for a bag that goes through the hole. Players compete for points and the winner is the first team to get 21 points. Kids, Parents, Teenagers, even Grandparents love the game! 
Cornhole can be fun and relaxing or competitive and exciting.

They are great family toy games: enjoyable at picnics, campgrounds, parties, tailgating, etc.!!!
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Intro to some fun games to play, they are great toy games

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