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Cornhole Game Association - The official bean bag game association

The goall of the Cornhole Game Association is to
standardize and spread the game of cornhole.

There are many people who have varying views of how to play cornhole or what the actual name is, cornhole, bean bag game, softshoes, etc. We have discovered the most popular way to play and have standardized the rules and dimensions so people from all over the country can play the same way.

We have updated our tournament listing pages. Now you will never see outdated listings and new tournaments will be much easier and quicker to put on the site.

Join our Cornhole Game Association mailing list - Be informed of upcoming cornhole tournaments, rule changes, new products, new affiliates, etc.

We are putting out a call for photos. Pictures would help show and describe the game of cornhole to people who have not played before. Submit your photos by email to contact[at] Thank you...

This site has exploded with over 1000 visitors a day! Thanks for all the interest.

If any of you guys play at a local bar let us know where it is, we are working on a page that will list places to play. Please specify whether they have indoor or outdoor sets, so the list is more useful. Please go to the location form to submit your place to play.

For all of you who can't get enough of playing Cornhole, click here. Have fun.

To get CGA approved cornhole bags please visit Cornhole Galaxy or

Thank you for your continued support.

Upcoming Tournaments
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Cornhole Game Association - The Official Bean Bag Game Association
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